Apply In Less Than 10 Minutes

Our online application makes it easy to take your first step in securing your new apartment. The online application can be completed in about 10 minutes and is available online through our application portal. Just click “Apply Now” on the website to get started!

Applications are typically reviewed and approved within 24-48 hours. The turnaround time mainly depends on the resident and his/her guarantor completing their applications.

The application is not considered complete until the resident and the guarantor have completed their portions. The steps below outline what you can expect from the application.

Create an Account

You will start by selecting your lease term and floor plan. If you already have future roommates in mind, be sure that everyone selects the same floor plan when applying.

You will then create an account that will be used for the application, online lease signing, and your future Resident Portal access. Your login can also save your progress, so you can log back in to complete your application or check its status.


After confirming your floor plan and lease term, you will be asked if there are any add-ons to your application, which include parking, pets, and renter’s insurance. Some communities charge for parking and have limited parking availability, so these spaces must be reserved in advance as part of the application. Our pet policy is listed on the application, and the onsite management team can provide information about this as needed.

All residents are required to carry renter’s insurance per the terms of the lease agreement. We offer a low-cost renter’s insurance program for residents who do not confirm their renter’s insurance following move-in.

Personal Info

The personal information portion of the application will ask for your contact information, current address, and any information relevant to your residency in our community, like your vehicle information or pet registration.

We will also ask for a copy of your ID to log in electronically to your profile. This helps ensure no fraud is committed as part of the online application and allows for a reference check when keys are distributed.


The questionnaire is to provide us with some more information about you! This helps inform the types of resident events we host and ensure appropriate roommate matching if you still need roommates.

Simply answer the drop-down or multiple-choice questions to give us more insight into your academic focus, study habits, and social life.


Most future residents require a guarantor to serve as the financial guarantee on their application. Guarantors are like co-signers whose income is used to meet the qualification standards for your application to be approved. On the application, you’ll be able to add your guarantor’s name and email address.

If you are planning to qualify with your income, you’ll have the option to enter your employment information on the application and upload a copy of your income verification. Please note that we do not accept student loans as income verification.


We will also ask for emergency contact regarding your well-being if we need to contact someone on your behalf. This will include their name, contact information, and confirmation of whether or not the individual listed has access to your unit.

frequently asked questions ABOUT APPLYING

We Are Here To Help

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about applying to reside at The Hills Southview.

Living Here

Who can live at this community?

Here at The Hills Southview, we want everyone to feel at home! Anyone who meets our qualification guidelines and passes the screening process can live here. To live here, you do not have to be a student or affiliated with any university.


What are the qualifications?

Any person requesting to live in our community must pass a criminal background and rental history screening and meet our income and credit requirements. The minimum income requirement is 3x the monthly rental rate of the floor plan you requested. If you do not meet these requirements, do not fret, we have many options to help you get approved. The possibilities available will be based on your screening results, ranging from adding a guarantor to co-sign your lease, getting approved with The Guarantors, or even paying a higher deposit.

How do I reserve an apartment home?

Hop online, complete an application, sign a lease, and pay any applicable upfront fees to reserve an apartment home. Availability for housing is limited and will fill up very quickly, so don’t wait to lock in your rates and floor plan.


When can I apply for housing?

We begin accepting applications up to one year before your desired move-in date. Leasing for the upcoming school year starts in the fall of the current year. As a future resident of The Hills Southview, you’ll lease a bed space in your selected floor plan and be placed in a unit and bedroom closer to your move-in date.

We can also accept applications for immediate move-ins at any time. Follow our social media pages and submit a guest card to get the most up-to-date information on available lease terms and apartment homes for rent.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy, and you can do it all online! We want you to be able to apply at a convenient time, so if you prefer to be in the comfort of your living room after a long day, no problem here! Go to the floor plans page, click your favorite layout’s “apply” option, and fill in the blanks. Not all fields are required, but the more information we have, the faster we can process your paperwork.

Do I need any special documents or paperwork to submit my application?

You will need to be prepared with certain personal information to complete the identification section of the application; for example, your driver’s license number, social security number, or passport number. If you list any household income on the application, you must provide proof of that income at the end of the application on the “Summary” tab. Proof of payment can be your two most recent pay stubs or W2.

How long does it take to get approved?

Once your application is submitted, it will take anywhere from 4 business hours up to 2 days to receive your screening results. Once your results are in, we will reach out if any other steps are needed to approve you. We will send you the lease contract within 24-48 business hours if your results are fully approved. Remember, your apartment is not reserved until all parties, including the property manager, sign your lease.

Guarantor and the Guarantors Program

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor acts as a co-signer and financial supporter of the lease contract. This person must meet the income and credit requirements from the above qualifications to be approved. The guarantor on the account will also sign the lease documents and have access to the resident portal to make payments and manage the resident account. The guarantor is equally responsible for all terms of the lease contract.

What is The Guarantors?

The Guarantors is a third-party company that will guarantee your lease contract. To sign up with The Guarantors, contact the management team for information on requirements and additional costs associated with their program.